Dr. Annerien De Villiers

Hi there, I am Dr. Annerien De Villiers. My name is an Afrikaans name, but most of my English friends call me Anne.

I graduated as a veterinarian from The Univerity Of Pretoria in South Africa in 2018, after which I completed my community service year working with the Horses and Dogs serving the South African National Defence Force. Currently, I work full-time in a busy small animal practice together with my husband, Dr. Pieter de Villiers.

When Pieter and I are not working, researching, or writing blogs; we enjoy any kind of adventuring. We love to go on hikes, scuba dive, and explore the world whenever we get the chance!

Scuba diving adventures!

It has been my lifelong dream for as long as I can remember to be a veterinarian, and it is my life devotion to foster the incredible bond that humans and animals have. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and get a kick out of using my skills and knowledge to better the lives of the animals and owners that I meet.

The unfathomable joy that animals bring to the lives of their owners is something I am very proud to be able to play a part in, however small.

The purpose of the articles I write on this blog is to help owners of all kinds of pets have access to free and accurate, evidence-based information on how to best keep their pets happy and healthy.

I hope you enjoy this passion project of ours and find the info that we provide here to be helpful to you and all the wonderfully special animals you have in your life.